At CareunderSun we help people with special needs and seniors to travel with confidence and experience the beauty of Greece            independently, comfortably and safely. 

We are DMC specialized in accessible tourism in Greece providing

barrier-free day experiences, cruise shore excursions, transfers,                      care giving services & sanitary equipment rentals.  

Our main focus, is on designing and operating touristic experiences for people with special needs, seniors and those with health impairments. We take into consideration the limitation and needs of these travelers by finding adequate transportation, suitable accommodation and designing exciting activities that visit the local attractions in the most enjoyable way.



By having a close cooperation with unions and associations for people with special needs, we benefit from exchanging ideas to learn and improve our services every day and we transfer this knowledge to our partners.

We maintain high standards towards service-orientated staff through regular training, which we in turn offer to our partner’s teams and members. Supporting, consulting and exchanging information helps us every day to improve and establish the high level of services everybody deserves.



­We conducted a carefully developed questionnaire and checklist to collect data via staff working in tourism so that we captured the demographic characteristics of guests and their individual preferences. This detailed checklist is used to obtain data and evaluate the services and facilities in every aspect.



  • Group Thematic Tours

  • Dialysis Group Travel

  • Barrier free Cruise excursions

  • Barrier free Day excursions

  • Senior Holidays with Care

  • Supportive Services in Destination

  • Barrier free transfers

  • Barrier free accommodation



By choosing the right infrastructure and services, thematic tours are dedicated to a variety of target groups whose needs are well considered with their interests implemented in the product. We focus on including authentic local culture, activities and traditions.



Tastes of Greece – mobility limited group tour October 2019

Feel Rhodes – group for guests with sight disorder November 2019


The well established network of high end dialysis centers around Greece, comprehensive medical services infrastructure and availability of touristic facilities are combined into packages offered by dialysis units to travelling Groups. With detailed planning and high flexibility we offer great and easy way for units to travel with patients. Support for individual travelerseither for resortstay’s or to travel around, will be reserved with care and high standards of safety.



Visiting the islands or the mainland while cruising in Europe or coming to resortson vacation, makes the visit more valuable if taking a day excursion. These barrier free experiences take into consideration all details, professional and trained partners as well as after reviews and inspections to the offered attractions identifypotential obstacles and add maximum value to the itineraries.These excursions are based upon private program standards with the program being set whilst the guest can decide according to their preferences or conditions the itinerary together with the guide.


HOLIDAY WITH CARE (Pflegerulaub)

A vacation-stay characterized holiday for guests that require care and support and are accompanied by a family member, partner or friend who cares for them at home. During the holiday, a team of professional carers and nurses are supporting the care giver with our focus being for them to relax and enjoy their time whilst on vacation. The main purpose of this holiday concept, is for the travelers to regain energy, exchange with the other care giver, relax, enjoy and find time for themselves to regain energy, exchange with other home giver, relax and enjoy and find time for them self is the main purpose of this concept of holiday. We offer scheduled tours as well as arrange individual requests for your clients.

In the process of preparation we offer extensive phone interviews by our specialized caregiver with travelers to evaluate and estimate the needed degree of support as well as to prepare the best possible care in the destination.



Nursing care, wound care or assistance on Excursions are just few examples that may be required in order for people to travel. The range of services and sanitary equipment  that support the travelers whilst on vacation can be arranged and if needed delivered to their holiday accommodations.



Our transfer vehicles are certifiedaccording to international requirements. We provide a network of specialized vehicles with ramps around Greece.


Accommodations are carefully checked through questionnaires and are categorized according to the suitability of the target groups. Hotels, villas and apartments are included in our portfolio. The close cooperation with our partners gives the guarantee of providing the required room categories as well as the best rates.



The motivated team and partners are determined to prepare, offer and proceed with the most suitable and well-designed packages which consider the needs of every single traveler.

We strictly refuse to work with mass tourism tour operators and we care for each request personally with the fastest and most careful, respectful way. Good preparation is always the best way to provide the quality of services that are being sought after.

We are available 24/7 for our partners and clients to provide answers and support when needed.

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